Wellness Massage - A Birth Rite and Key to Happiness

This week I am wanting to share with you an article from my studio mate on Capitol Hill. She is a massage practitioner and doula. With 19 years of practice under her belt she is both gifted and seasoned. 





Wellness Massage - A Birth Rite and Key to Happiness

Libby Golden LMP, Doula


The benefits of massage are numerous and known:

  • Provides connection to the moment with time for internal dialogue which has numerous benefits
  • Improves sleep/rest thereby improving overall mood, health and ability to cope with stress
  • Provides better blood and lymph circulation - keeps the body flushed and skin glowing 
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Decreases muscle and connective tissue tensions improving range of motion 
  • Tones & relaxes women's bodies for smoother labor and delivery providing a safe, sacred entrance for baby and a nourished postpartum recovery time
  • Speaks to our social need for nurturing touch, improves infant growth and learning abilities, fosters connection and patience within families*
  • Assists healing from surgeries/injuries and from disease such as cancer and many others, and the list goes on… and these benefits increase with frequent sessions.

Still, the majority of us don't receive regular wellness massage.  Being an LMP for 19 years has given me the opportunity to witness this phenomena.  Yet, ask anyone and most would agree that wellness massage would be a wonderful addition to their lives, but we feel we need to be ill or injured (it is called therapy right?) or we don't have the money or time - "It is a luxury we can't afford." Ho-hum - So sad.  Truly Sad!  The above list is not a luxury - an excess - it is essential to human health.  It is our birth rite.  Many of us were taught from conception onward (in as many ways as there are people) on varying levels and degrees, we do not deserve this.  That in itself is an injury/illness and for that I have unending compassion.  Therefore, I love providing a safe, nurturing space for bodies to be with themselves and experience the natural state of bliss and self regulation that comes from from skilled massage.  In my book it is an essential need we can't afford to not have met.  I've experienced the unfortunate side of life that comes from health breakdowns and energetic devaluing.  Massage and natural body therapies have always nurtured me through that and are an integral part of my "self-care for health care" routine along with eating well (organic whole and cultured foods prepared with the wisdom of our ancestors) and mindful exercise such as yoga, chi gong, gardening, walking/hiking, biking, dancing, etc… 


We all deserve a balance of enjoying our work, our love, our play and our rest and repose.  The more all of these can be integrated in one another, the happier we will be.  We can claim our birth rites.  If we value our health and well-being, it will stay with us and flourish.  We can set the best example for our children/future generations by modeling balanced wellness care and we can begin to reap those benefits now.  And those benefits will increase as the generations grow.  


*I provide Massage for Life lessons - non-certified essential massage skills for home use from babies to couples to the elderly.  Be the one to nourish your loved ones.  Note - receiving massage is also an excellent way to learn kinetically how to give great massage!


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