Year of the Ram

Often I use the December 31st New Year as a way to set some goals for the coming year. I use the lunar new year as a way to reflect on how I can continue to grow as a human being. 

One aspect to the Chinese lunar new year is that it characterizes the year with an animal. This year the animal is the sheep/ram/goat (depending on who you ask.)

Personally I use Ram because I feel like it falls somewhere in between. The characteristics of the animal help me to take a new frame to view how I can grow in the coming year. I want to encourage you to do the same. While I am not well versed in the mystic aspect of understanding astrological shifts I can speak to what arises to me in the symbols and how I use them in my personal life.

The Ram offers you a unique opportunity to look at aspects of yourself that are (arguably) too headstrong. Where in your life are you unduly stubborn? Are you holding some beliefs that no longer suit you? But also to look at where your horns have acted as helmets- protecting you from something/someone in which you butt heads with.

The Ram is a very gentle yet resourceful creature. Are there ways for you this year to get what you need from life in a gentle manner? Rams have the capacity to climb the highest of mountains and to graze in the fields. They are successful solitary animals when climbing but really need the power of the flock while grazing. Can you use that to your advantage this year? How can you both ascend the mountains you are climbing but also sometimes take the low hanging fruit. Chill out. Enjoy the meadow. Hang out with some people who you feel like you align with.

So take the time to start something new. Dedicate yourself to loving your flock and your solitude. Make an appointment with yourself and keep it. Take some time to meditate, imagine yourself as  goat, or a ram, or a sheep. Try it on take your imagined four legged body for a run. Dig it. Make a dedication to try to grow this year. Become better than you were last year and sweeter to. It will only make your life better.