Home Made Mozzarella


3/4 tsp Citric Acid

1/6 tsp Rennet or 1/4 tablet rennet 

1/2 Gallon Raw Milk

1 quart of Organic Half and Half


Flaky Salt



Measuring Cup

A pan

Stainless steel ladle and slotted spatula


Cheese Cloth (optional)

Large Pan for heating and mixing

Mixing Bowl



  1. Dissolve rennet into 1/2 cup cool water. Stir and set aside
  2. mix 3/4 tsp citric acid in 1/2 cup cool water until dissolved 
  3. pour milk into a stainless steel pot. Mix in the citric acid solution and stir throughly. 
  4. Heat slowly to 90 degrees F. Stirring slowly. 
  5. At 90 degrees stir in the rennet solution with a gentle back and forth motion for about 30 seconds. Slowly continue to heat to 105 degrees
  6. your curds will start to show coagulation. They should look like shiny yogurt. 
  7. Ladle off the curds and set aside and continue to slowly heat to no more than 110 degrees. If you go to quickly the curds will burn and become grainy
  8. With the curds off to the side continue to heat the remaining whey to as high as 185 degrees.
  9. Ladle this water over your curds  in small amounts to heat your cheese to allow you to stretch it. (keep a mixing bowl of cool water to cool your hands so you do not get burned as you stretch your cheese)
  10. Gently shape the curds into balls and set aside. 
  11. This is a great video for learning to make perfect mozzarella 
  12. Sprinkle your cheese with flakey salt- cover with some cool water and refrigerate. Use in 3-5 days.