The Vyper and the Hypersphere

So we have all heard that foam rolling is good for us. Some of us even use a foam roller regularly. Or we use a racquet ball or tennis ball on our backs. These kind of manual techniques help us stretch and recover after a hard work out. Or when our muscles and body are in pain. 

But I in the past have rarely done these things on a regular basis. Why not? Because it is usually slightly painful and the relief comes in smaller gains. 

However one of my patients recently introduced me to the Vyper and the Hypersphere from Hyperice. I am not a person to endorse many products - nor am I someone who is paid to review products. So when I find something that works I like to share it.

The Vyper and the Hypersphere are a ball and a foam roller with an insane vibrator inside them. The vibration is supposed to disarm your guarding reflex, help release the myofacial tissue, and keep your soft tissue loose. All of this should in theory help you increase your circulation, loosen and lengthen your muscles, reduce muscle soreness, and increase your range of motion.

I have had mine for the last three weeks and have used it everyday.  Here is what I notice

  1. My body feels good. Like really good- for no particular reason. 
  2. Riding my bike seems easier
  3. I am not as tired in the evenings 
  4. I don't have much pain in my body but when I have felt my back or my forearms start to get sore I have foam rolled them and they feel better.
  5. I have more energy- as if I have been drinking coffee

Now the downside to the whole thing is the cost. The sphere is $150 and the Foam Roller $200. It is steep. But I can seriously justify it by just giving myself a massage everyday with them. 
I will have mine with me in clinic and you are welcome to try it out!