Air filters

This is just going to be something short and sweet. Many people during the smoke we had this summer came in with headaches, sinus pain, and shortness of breath. 

One of the easiest things you can do to help with poor air quality is to put an air filter in your bedroom while you are sleeping. Your body just laying there breathing the air of one room for ideally 8 hours. An air filter will suck up the particulates in the room. I live over a busy street so I keep a small one in my bedroom to fend off the exhaust from cars and the surrounding construction. But it is also very helpful for circulating the air if you live in a moldy and moist home or if you have pets to cut down on dander. 

I actually own all three of these filters. The small one on the left I run in the bedroom because it is quite. The large black one is good for bigger rooms. And I use the circular ones in all the clinics. I call it my smoke eater. Because when you are burning moxa it will pull the smoke - away from the buildings alarm systems- into its filter from across the room. They can all be found on amazon and are affordable considering that you don't have to replace the filter just a quick vacuum of the external carbon filter about once a month.