blood sugar

Chia seed

cha-cha-cha-Chia seed is a staple in my house.

It is a staple because I have found it really helps stave off hunger and maintain my blood sugar. When I have a little cup of chia pudding or chia in my morning shake I notice that I can maintain my focus for longer and am not struck mid day but the sudden drop of blood sugar before lunch.

Traditionally chia seed was not used in Chinese Medicine but from what I can tell it nourishes the yin, tonifies the qi, settles the spirit, and cools the stomach.

I have found that because of the high fiber content it helps regulate peoples bowels. Its cooling nature has helped many people calm their stomach pain associated with ulcers. Overall I have found that people regularly consuming chia have higher activity levels, better energy, clearer concentration, and regular bowel movements.

So there are a couple ways I make chia seed


Chia seed about 1/4 cup

1-2 cups of favorite juice or almond milk



Mix together thoroughly cover and store in the fridge. Eat 1/4 cup once a day.