Ginger Drink

In today’s blog post I wanted to share with you a recipe I use for making a ginger drink. But before I get into that there is a little bit of background information I should share. 

The digestive system in Chinese medicine(this is also true in our biomedical understanding of the body) is the fulcrum for which the rest of the body receives its nourishment. By transforming food into usable resources the digestive system creates the foundation by which your entire body is able to operate. 

We innately know this. When we are hungry we don’t think straight, our limbs feel heavier, and our energy is quickly depleted.

Suffice to say it is important we take care of our digestion. There are entire schools that are focused around this idea that all diseases arise from or are affected by a weakened digestive system. 

There are many things that are common in the ‘American’ diet that are actually very depleting to our digestive force. For example eating ‘cold’ foods, raw foods, or undercooked foods put an extra strain on our system. With cold or undercooked foods our body then has to bring the food up to temperature before it can begin to break it down. In moderation these foods are fine but it is over time that if there is a problem with your digestion you may look to these aspects of your diet to see if there is anything you can change. 

One of my favorite things to tonify a cold digestive system is ginger. Ginger has the ability to settle the stomach as well as open the appetite. It has the wonderful ability to warm us from the interior and get the digestive juices going. So without further adieu 

Ginger Drink Recipe

You will need:


Medium Sauce pan

Cheese Grater

Strainer-fine mesh

A container for storage

A way to juice your lemons


1 hunk of ginger

1/4 cup of honey 

3 lemons

A pinch of pepper flakes

6 cups of water


  1. Add water to the blender
  2. Finely Chop your ginger add it to the blender
  3. Grate most of the peel from your lemons and add to the blender 
  4. Add the pepper flakes to the blender
  5. Blend until the ginger has been finely macerated.
  6. Juice the grated lemons and set liquid aside
  7. Transfer the blended mixture to the sauce pan and begin to bring to a low boil 10 mins
  8. When the water is hot add the honey and dissolve into the mixture.
  9. When the honey is dissolved and mixed into the liquid 5-10 mins add the lemon juice and remove from heat. 
  10. Strain your liquid and store in a container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. 

I find that the resulting mixer is delicious when diluted later with some hot water or when added to some sparkling water. Drink it before a meal to open your appetite or after a meal to settle your stomach.