6 easy changes to your workstation to reduce pain

6 easy changes to your workstation to reduce pain

Ryan Law M.Ac.O.M., E.A.M.P.


I love simplicity. There are so many patients who come in to my clinic with chronic neck and back pain. One of the simplest changes you can make is how you sit at your computer or work station. This video illustrates some very easy ways to adapt your work station. 

 1)Allow yourself to hold yourself upright.

2)Keep both feet firmly planted on the floor.

3)Keep your knees at a 90 degree angle.

4)Let your elbows be in a relaxed nearly 90 degree angle.

5)Raise your monitor and if needed use a separate keyboard and mouse for your laptop to prevent your neck from looking down.

6)Most Importantly remember to get up and move around every 30 minutes. Even a simple walk to the water cooler will help you reset your posture. 

Happy New Year! 

You can see more videos I like on my youtube playlist below. I will post more videos and more discussions in the coming weeks. ENJOY! 

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