Yin Care Oral Rinse


Yin Care Oral Rinse


Yin-care Supreme Oral Care is a natural extension of the widely used Yin-care formula for general bacterial, fungal and viral complaints. This anti-microbial mouth rinse is comprised of both the water-extracted and essential oil materials of the herbs listed below and can be quite effective when used for acute conditions or for daily hygiene. Specifically formulated for oral use Yin-care Supreme Oral Care is alcohol free, naturally sweetened with stevia and mint essence for improved flavor, and glycerine added for better gum adhesion.

Jin Zhi Jie Yin Han Shu Ye = Golden Jasmine Purify Gums Oral Gargle Liquid
Bottle of 160ml (5.4 fl. oz.)

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Use orally to dry and transform dampness, clear heat, damp-heat, and toxic-heat, purge fire, cool blood, reduce inflammation, detoxify lesions. Also use for various conditions such as general inflammations and infections, bacterial infections, gingivitis, mouth sores and ulcers, thrush, bad breath, before/after dental visits and procedures, and daily oral hygiene.

Pseudolarix - Tu Jing Pi and Atractylodis - Cang Zhu are not included in the formula.

Do not swallow, not to be taken internally. Not intended to replace brushing and flossing. In rare instances, sensitive patients may react to this product. Keep out of reach of children.


Mentha - Bo HeTransforms phlegm-Damp

Lonicera - Jin Yin HuaCl. Heat and Resolve Toxins

Gardenia - Zhi ZiCl. Heat and Drain Fire

Phellodendron - Huang BaiCl. Heat and Dry Dampness

Scutellaria - Huang QinCl. Heat and Dry Damp

Sophora - Ku ShenCl. Heat and Dry Dampness

Kochia - Di Fu ZiDrains Dampness

Artemisia - Yin Chen HaoDrains Dampness

Angelica - Du HuoDispels Wind and Damp

Cnidium - She Chuang ZiExternal Application

Acorus - Shi Chang PuVaprizes Turbid Phlegm

Artemisia - Ai YeStops Bleeding

Orally: Use 2-4 squirts in mouth. Swish for 1-3 minutes and then spit out. Avoid food and drink for 15 minutes. Repeat daily, one or more times for best effect. Will yield approximately 20 or more uses per bottle.