Ryan is always super attentive to your needs and is great at giving you things you can do in between services to improve your overall health. I love going in to see him!


I always wanted to try acupuncture but was a little skeptical, you know, needles and all. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience. Ryan, you are just wonderful! I am happy that I finally tried acupuncture and will highly recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you very much.


You will not find a more wholistic and thorough healthcare experience. Ryan is very knowledgeable, and takes the time to really understand what is happening in your life and body to best determine how to help you. His care and guidance has been a true Godsend for me and I look forward to each new visit. Not only do I experience such profound relief, I also learn so much from him. He is everything you could want in a healthcare professional. I highly recommend him!


I would rate Ryan a 5 star acupuncturist. Ryan is very personable, great listener, conscientious of one's needs, explains the steps he plans to take for your treatment, and very skilled and excels as an acupuncturist. Ryan is very approachable and makes sure that he gives his patients a thorough, hands-on treatment. I would recommend Ryan for your personal acupuncturist.


Getting in bike accident was one of the best things that's happened to me this year... because it allowed me to start getting acupuncture with Ryan! Ryan works in such a wholistic and caring manner — no detail is unimportant or left unconsidered. He usually leaves me with something physical (a small embedded needle, kinesio tape) to take with me for the week so I feel cared for even between treatments. I'm so glad to have discovered the Gentle Point path to healing!


I must say I am feeling much better today! It seems like my leg and foot feel better and the swelling has gone down. Very impressed with procedures and taking such an interest in my needs and having me try new approaches for swelling and water retention. Thank you very much! Looking forward to next Wednesday.


My experience with Ryan Law of Gentle Point was great! Acupuncture is something I’ve wanted to explore for awhile for health benefits reason, stress relief, balance and to get my body back on track. This seemed like an opportunity to get my feet wet, sort of. I must admit I was nervous and apprehensive going into my first acupuncture session, visualizing needles in my body is not exactly my cup of tea, but Ryan put me at ease. I did not freak out about the needles as I thought I would. I closed my eyes, relaxed and throughout the session, Ryan and I chatted. He shared his knowledge on acupuncture, cupping, herbs, etc., which I appreciated. I did not even realize that he was putting needles in me; well, I was aware that needles were poking me, but there was really no pain as I had imagined it to be - it was more of a tingly sensation. Ryan also did a cupping session on me, and I must say I enjoyed it! Cupping is also an area of therapy that I am curious about and want to learn more. Acupuncture and cupping is definitely something I will continue exploring. My overall experience was a positive one. Thank you, Ryan!


When someone loves what they do you can tell and Ryan is the perfect example of this. His intake process what thorough  and was able to explain in depth the practice and what to expect from the procedure. I felt safe and hopeful about what acupuncture has to offer my health. I look forward to working with Ryan and highly encourage anyone who has reservations about needles to see him. The procedure was true to its name as it was gentle and I felt immediate shifts in my body. I am grateful to Ryan for this experience.


I've been to multiple acupuncturists over the years and Ryan is by far my favorite. He is knowledgeable, gentle, and creates a relaxing experience from beginning to finish. Not only does he care about my overall health, but is aware of my special needs and concerns.  He is also helpful in suggesting other practitioners for specifics needs I have. Simply wonderful!!


Ryan Law is probably the fourth Acupuncture practitioner I've been to in my life and is by far the Best. He genuinely cares about his patients and gives them the attention, care and benefit of his extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine. I went to him because I had a severe reaction to a prescribed medication. The reaction caused a severe and constant burning pain in the sciatic nerve of my right leg. The Oxycodone prescribed by my western Doc only dulled the pain; Ryan's treatment truly made it go away almost immediately. His approach was gentle, effective and absolutely pain free. I will continue to go to Ryan for other issues as they arise and will freely recommend him to everyone I know.


I have been seeing Ryan for six months, and I can say without question that he is the best I've ever worked with! He is compassionate and empathic, a fantastic listener, and has a keen sense of intuition coupled with solid clinical skills and a gentle curiosity as to what the root of an issue might be. If you have health challenges and want someone who will really hear you and partner with you to seek solutions, you couldn't ask for anyone better. He integrates multiple modalities depending on the issue, and is great about explaining what various points are for and sending me home with self-care ideas until I see him next. After a treatment with Ryan, I feel fantastic on a molecular level. If you're looking for support achieving an optimal state of wellness, you couldn't ask for anyone better.


Ryan is an incredibly intuitive practitioner and overall healing human being to be around! I am a dancer and have some chronic issues with my back that we were able to communicate about and work on over the course of a couple visits. I know I can trust him for effective and personalized care whether I've got a cold, getting oral surgery, feeling stressed or low in energy or am tackling muscular issues as result of dancing or just the day to day work we put our bodies through. Every time I leave I have learned something about my condition, how to treat on my own and avoid more pain in the future. Do something good for yourself and see what Ryan is all about.


Ryan Law is a person that you can trust immediately. Coming from out of town, I went to him following the recommendation of one of his regular patients. I was nervous because I don't like to have people I don't know touch me. I have various chronic problems with my knees, my back, my metabolism and truly enough he gave me some immediate relief and good advice to follow through on to change my habits. What really struck me was the heat that radiated from his hands. I felt his healing nature and his sensitivity to me as a person, his respect for my feelings, and his careful attention towards my description of my ailments. I had had acupuncture before and I must say that Ryan was delicate in the application and precise in his explanation of what was happening, which allowed me to feel comfortable at all times.